Sea Stories

After fifteen years of litigation to stop the construction of the Santa Barbara Channel, Sea Stories directors were ready to move on to new endeavors. But the same commissioners who pushed them out still wanted to continue this so-called “strategic development plan” and had put forward a group of investors to finance the money for it.

Of course, even though there was a group of investors, they were still led by Paul Garrison.


It was Garrison’s persistence that made them so desperate for money and made it possible for them to outsource much of the work on the film to his company.


If this lawsuit hadn’t been successful, it’s unlikely that this group of investors would have been interested in investing in this project.


In the end, the original film will be seen by many as a classic example of how serious Hollywood can be without all the creative integrity of its creative director. Yes, Sea Stories was a great film, but it was directed by Paul Garrison. He used his own specific style and that style has been trademarked by all of his films, so we can only expect it to be replicated in Sea Stories.

I hope that we can learn from this example and that the next time an independent film is produced, the director will make sure that it’s completely and solely his vision. If the director doesn’t want to be encumbered by the legal fees, it doesn’t make sense to produce the film. By the same token, if the film is independent, the director should make sure that it’s totally his own work.

OTher films

Still, I have to say that my favorite film was Paul Garrison’s This Film Is Not Yet Rated, which won four Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. The movie was about the people who try to persuade the censors to censor movies and a young lady who fights for freedom of speech.

The movie was the work of a complete unknown, and Paul Garrison was the unknown. Like Sea Stories, it was also partly financed by a group of investors. But unlike Sea Stories, It’s not a work of genius, but of someone who knew how to twist a bit of concept into something brilliant.

In fact, after Watching This Film Was Finally Rated, I went and reviewed some of Paul Garrison’s other movies. I found that while this guy is a good filmmaker, he hasn’t gotten better with age. He has movies that are also worth seeing, but not ones that I would recommend unless you’re really looking for art.

best movie

I can’t help but feel that Sea Stories is the best movie Paul Garrison has ever made. I suspect that it will remain on my top ten list of his best movies ever.

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